Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Miles of Trane Now Affiliated with MOG Music Network

You may have noticed the MOG badges around the site. I hope so because I'm very happy to have been accepted as a MOG Music Network affiliate. Indeed, you may prefer to follow me there. Figuring out what  all this means for my readers is a work in progress,  so be patient please.

But one great thing is that it gives me membership in the incredible MOG Music Service, so I have full access to their 8 million plus song library, and thus better able to afford to keep finding the music you want to know about. iTunes and other mp3 download sites are great, but MOG allows all-you-can-drink streaming  access for PCs and smart phones for low flat monthly fees. MOG's ad tag line is true: it would cost you $8,000,000 in purchases from iTunes to get what MOG gives you for $5 a month. Pair a MOG subscription  on your computer with a wireless music system like SONOS, and the stream from your PC becomes a hi-fi music system that can be heard throughout your house. The unlimited service for smart phones may cost a little more, but the savings over purchased downloads is still phenomenal. MOG's 14-day free trial takes the worries away.

One loyalty MOG will never replace, and that's to my local record store Oz Music. We all have a mix of music media to enjoy, and browsing the stacks at Oz will always be a pleasure no web site can replace. We love the music regardless of the media, but for records and CDs we love the media and people at Oz who give the highest level of full personal service as well.

Miles of Trane, now part of the MOG Music Network.Watch this video to see what MOG can do for you.