Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bruce Springsteen - The Promise

Bruce has produced the greatest rock album of all time -- Born to Run -- and one other that rates way, way up there: Darkness on the Edge of Town. Everything else has been, uhm, disappointing. Not bad, perhaps even great in most cases, just way below the expectations those two raised. Sort of how I feel about U2 after The Joshua Tree. With this latest album of previously unreleased material from the Darkness on the Edge of Town sessions and era, my opinion that Bruce went through one three-year period c. 1975-78 of absolute amazing ingenious output is reinforced. This material might well rate being his third best album. It's good.

The picture is of my wife, as she might look in scoffing at the parts where I give Bruce lesser respect. It's no secret that she once rushed the stage and kissed Bruce Springsteen smack on the mouth. She is so great.