Sunday, November 8, 2015

||| Dealer by Foxing |||

Foxing - Dealer | ("Dealer sees them graduate from indie/math rock to a more existential frame of mind. This mindset's composed amid a haze of post-rock distortion and equally agonizing storytelling which feels very familiar but is still daring enough and more so, free, to differentiate this record from their others.")

Foxing: Dealer | Album Reviews | Pitchfork ("...Dealer pulls all of Foxing's influences inward. Inverting his typical role of making burly post-rock bands sound delicate, producer Matt Bayles [Isis, Caspian] boosts Foxing's fragility—Dealer is constructed like an expensive timepiece where you can see every exacting movement behind a thick, glossy lacquer.")

Reviews for Dealer by Foxing - Metacritic ("The second full-length release for the post-rock band was produced by Matt Baylees.")

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