Monday, February 21, 2011

No Tension with Emanuel Satie & Sven Schuhmann

The artists describe the music, starting with the first track called "Tensions": "A reduced house groove meets psychedelic guitar sounds. A mind-blowing journey showing off the similarities between modern club music and guitar music. A sick track that will definitely get any afterhour to the next level. 'Off The Hook' on the b-side is the complete opposite, it's only made to get people on the dancefloor. Detroit influenced chords and strings plus an infectious groove. Nothing more nothing less. Simple but very effective." I concur. There's a Robert Fripp quality to the guitar licks over the backbeat. Not only is the sound super, the sonogram of the first song is especially nice and should easily serve my design ambitions for a Mars lander.

out now: Emanuel Satie & Sven Schuhmann - Tensions by Emanuel Satie
out now: Emanuel Satie - Off The Hook (Freaky Vibes Records) by Emanuel Satie