Sunday, February 20, 2011

Art Lives Strong in Iran: Introducing Siavash Amini

Two of Siavash Amini's biggest American fans, Miles of Trane and Snabs
One of the best friends of Susan and mine has a nephew studying at university. I missed meeting him recently, but had the pleasure of being introduced via email. He makes music, and I hope to hear some of it soon, but in the meantime he told me about his friend Siavash Amini who lives in Tehran, and who has given me permission to introduce you to his music. This ethereal electronica, made under The Waterfront project name, is richly layered with micro beats supporting minimalist and glitch sonic textures. I'm in love with these sounds that cross international boundaries with ease, because Siavash speaks the universal language of art.

There's not much to be found on Siavash Amini on the internet.  I hope to learn more about this man and his philosophical approach to music over the coming weeks and months, but the first step in knowing a musician is to listen. What a pleasure to hear.

Doxa 6 by The Waterfront
Abend by The Waterfront
Doxa 3 by The Waterfront
Doxa 1 by The Waterfront