Monday, November 22, 2010

Massive Attack: Atlas Air EP

FYI O'Barr. Three tunes. There's two remixes by others of "Atlas Air" from the phenomenal Heligoland, which I noted here. The second one adds enough to really be a different song and is probably better than the original. Then there's "Redlight" which I think is a leftover that did not make Heligoland and also remixed off-premises, though is it really a remix if MA never released it? Don't mind the low score on Pitchfork, which also dissed Heligoland, but the band doesn't give us much to work with. Maybe it's a 10 and Pitchfork cut it in half due the sparse offering. To quote the deputy from Fargo, "All that for a little bit of money?"

Pitchfork: Album Reviews: Massive Attack: Atlas Air EP 5.0/10.0

Here's the "Atlas Air" original as it appeared on Heligoland: