Saturday, October 30, 2010

ALARM Press Matt Stevens: Guitar Virtuoso Finds an Audience Online

I continue to enjoy reading good press on the interweb's best unsigned artist:

Then note this message from Matt,  and listen for FREE: 

"This Sunday I'm doing a final UStream gig of my month run at Cafe Noodle - streaming free on the web here. Its at 8pm UK time at:

International times are here:"

AND FINALLY (for now), the time to download Matt's Esoteric: An Introduction to the Sunday Free Noodle is dwindling fast -- it's available for download at name-your-price-even-free-if-you-want-it until tomorrow AND THEN WILL BE DELETED. I encourage people to pay instead of taking it for free because Matt is raising money to produce a new album. I gave 2 British Pounds, which converts to about $3.20. But even one pound ($1.8)  helps a great artist who is still willing to give it to you free. I'm telling you, Matt Steven's album Ghost is in contention for Album of the Year on this blog, and it has the same pay what you will price on his website. Matt is putting the artistry back into art. I hope he makes a lot of money one day and if he does it's because he put the music and his listeners first.