Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Album Note - Mogwai: Special Moves

Does post-rock mean anything when the artist disclaims it? Does the artist get to decide? Does it matter? So many questions, and an answer: Even though it is live, and  even though experimental post-rock is not really a made-for-live idea, this live album sounds great in an experimental sort of post-rock way. I'm just a little taken aback anyone would rouse up to clap between tunes, after going to so much effort to idle down.

(Since the band is from Glasgow, the picture is from the 2008 Scotland trip for Mary's wedding, of an exterior wall of the Kelvingrove Museum in Glasgow- unrelated to the album, naturally).

(I've not been in a musical mood lately but the post rate should climb soon, I hope. I've got several candidate albums in the queue, nothing more time in the day wouldn't solve. Solutions?)