Sunday, August 8, 2010

Not worth blogging about

I have had my ear to the ground, listening to new issues, but none of these have interested me enough to give them their own post despite various levels of critical support:

Hunting My Dress reviews at 79/100 (generally favorable reviews)
It's close to being worthy, and the artist's site gives you a chance to decide for yourself-- stream 3 full-length songs off album: Jesca Hoop

3.Pitchfork: Album Reviews: Zero 7: Record: The Best of Zero 7 4.0/10.0. This low score should have been my clue, but then Pitchfork has never liked DeVotchKa, whom I adore, so, well, this time they were right.
Record reviews at 61/100 (generally favorable reviews)

4. Micah P. Hinson And The Pioneer Saboteurs reviews at 81/100 (universal acclaim). This one is the best of the lot.

5. Pitchfork: Album Reviews: Baths: Cerulean 8.2/10.0. Also not too bad but not too excited about it.

Bride Screamed Murder reviews at 75/100 (generally favorable reviews)
The Melvins have been around the block a time or two, having started in the early 80's and putting out 18 or so albums and EPs. So, although I've not followed the drama over the years, there's an amount of deference just for tenacity. 

American Slang reviews at 80/100 (Generally favorable reviews)
Too forced and throwback for me. Is it for me to decide when so many critics have rung in, generally coming out in favor but many with reservations. Not to mention artists who have something to say. 

(Pictured is yarn in London, unrelated to the album)