Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Album Note - Mary Gauthier: The Foundling

Mary Gauthier, where have you been all my life? With nothing like this album before, she has held back, and now, now that I don't expect it, she hits me between the eyes with alt-folk mountain country fusion that makes me wonder why I ever needed anything else. I do, you know, but this album won't let go just yet because Mary keeps asking big questions and small questions and I don't have answers of any size. She uses discordant sound  interlaced with melodic verses as unifying harmony, poetic refrain as isolated observation that carries me away. Blood is blood. Blood don't wash away but I still believe in love. Raves.

The Foundling reviews at Metacritic.com 87/100 (universal acclaim)

Mary's site: Mary Gauthier | Archive | Mary's Page

(Pictured are friends walking in London, unrelated to the album)