Friday, August 6, 2010

Album Note - Wavves: King of the Beach

I'm not nearly as impressed as the critics. Let me put it this way. The 30-second samples you get on download sites should be sufficient for you to tell if you like it because it never gets any more complex or interesting than what you will hear there.  If you listen  to the clips and think its Beach Boys fantastic then I'm pretty sure you'll like the kit and kaboodle. And vice versa. Let me put it this way. Tunc, proximus, posterus, porro, continuus.

King Of The Beach reviews at 75/100 (generally favorable reviews)

 (Pictured is the electronic kiosk at the Tate Modern, London, when you search the letter Q. It is unrelated to the album). 

Here the Needledrop guy reviews the album. Stick with him because by editing error or by design he appears to go off early on a different album but then comes back to the Wavves without really announcing it. I rate this video review a tad higher than the album though he doesn't seem as interested as he lets on: