Saturday, August 14, 2010

Album Note - Mount Kimbie: Crooks & Lovers

So enters a new genre, post-dubstep. This is well-executed, highly notable, extremely cool electronica, Mount Kimbie's first full-length album after two EPs. I think they are onto something. I like the their new twists on the established dubstep style, which ordinarily is not my favorite. I'm not adroit enough to explain what takes this a step forward but I can hear it, and the links point to the experts who can hyper-analyze it all. I just know I really, really like it. Quiet, I'm listening.

(Pictured is a broken window in London. It is unrelated to the album)

Pitchfork: Album Reviews: Mount Kimbie: Crooks & Lovers 8.0/10.0

Reviews of Crooks And Lovers by Mount Kimbie, collected by Any Decent Music 7.9/10.0

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