Sunday, August 1, 2010

Album Note - Menomena: Mines

Summarized as experimental, unconventional, and genre-defying at Metacritic, it sounds a bit less of that to me, but the experimentation, lack of convention, and merging of styles makes it seem that way. And I'm only half kidding. It's both the kind of music you were weened on and what you aspire to. Much is made of their techniques, but do we care? Some do, and I respect that, but what I'm hearing is an output of sound waves, and my ears only care if they are happy. This is an album that's growing on me, and it gets my recommendation. July, not so bad after all -- I just needed to get to the right material.

Mines reviews at 77/100 (generally favorable reviews)

(Pictured is merchandise from the Tate Modern gift shop, London. It is unrelated to the album)