Thursday, May 20, 2010

Album Note - The New Pornographers: Together

MILES OF TRANE: YES. Canadian power pop band to whom I'm drawn because of Neko Case, whose solo work is worthy of worship. In the NP she is a collaborator with the other band members , sharing lead vocals with Carl Newman and Dan Bejar, and it makes for an entirely different experience even though she is clearly there, adding a bit of genius, some earthiness, and, but wait, this isn't a Neko Case note. I like the album and recommend it. The band says the name did not come from Jimmy Swaggart's having called rock music the new pornography, but frankly that works for me, as does this album. The numerical ratings are probably about right because it does not knock my socks completely off as I had anticipated, but I'm not disappointed because it measures up well enough and I keep my socks on.

Together reviews at 76/100 (generally favorable reviews)