Thursday, May 20, 2010

Album Note - The Black Keys: Brothers

MILES OF TRANE:  YES. There's nothing not to like about it as the Black keys work in mixed media: acrylic, photographs, sculpture, duct tape, time travel, gravel. I like this description by one critic: "woozy, murky album, fat as a tick, and riled up like a kicked hornets' nest." I do take issue with the criticism at Pitchfork that the only thing keeping the album from being great is it is too long,because they should have saved something for next time.IMO they let just the right amount hang out, and we'll judge the next album when it comes out. Read the aggregation of reviews at Metacritic if you want the pros' opinions, but I can save you the time with this bit advice: buy this album yesterday.

Brothers reviews at 83/100 (universal acclaim)