Thursday, April 29, 2010

Album Note - Moon Duo: Escape

MILES OF TRANE: YES. This psychedelic electronica is something for which I'm more likely to be in the mood than the Ikonika album I just reviewed. With Joy Division's gloom and a lo-fi sound that mesmerizes me, it certainly is not mainstream, and the listener should be prepared to ask what Miles of Trane wants out of music. I want a spiritual experience (most days), and if the Best of Bread does it or if it takes acid washed trip music to do it, then that's what I go for. (BTW, a love for Bread is my dirty little secret. I could only admit that in a review of a band like Moon Duo).Give it a listen. I probably need to review some Bread soon.

Pitchfork: Album Reviews: Moon Duo: Escape 7.4/10.0

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