Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Album Reviews: Clem Snide: The Meat of Life

Pitchfork: Album Reviews: Clem Snide: The Meat of Life 5.3/10 [has Lala link]
allmusic ((( The Meat of Life > Overview )))
Clem Snide: The Meat Of Life | Music | Review | The A.V. Club [has Lala link]
I think of my YES, NO, MAYBE rating system as answering the questions would I buy it? -- would I listen to it again?-- was it poetry? -- was it beautiful? and maybe some things I'll think of later. I'm not sure in this case the answer would be the same to all these questions, namely I might listen again but the answer to the other questions would be maybe or no. One free full-length listen for Lala members, which don't cost you nothing. I'd buy the single "Stoney" from this album, a couple others maybe, overall no.