Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Ultimate 2013 Playlist

Miles of Trane's Favorites of 2013 will be brief this tear, scheduled to be posted the last day of the year or thereabouts. A fairly inactive second half of the year -- a blogger's prerogative at any given time -- calls for a low key affair this year simply because my listening did not contain a sufficient sample size. In that last post of the year I'll mention a few favorites, with a clear first and second choice, but not much substantive after that.

A more significant way to end the year is with this special 2013 playlist specially made for Spotify subscribers. I'm not affiliated with Spotify but it's my favorite way of staying current.

The list consists of all albums released in 2013 that were either blogged about by Miles of Trane or that were in the top 25 of Any Decent Music, Metacritic, or Pitchfork. So it will be quite a nice way to listen to the best music to come out of 2013. Put it on shuffle and your New Year's party mix-tape is set. I hope you enjoy.