Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Zomby: Dedication LP and Nothing EP

The album is from July and the follow-up EP from November -- a lot going on in Zomby world, glitchy dubstep that's quite worthwhile. Clif commented at dinner the other night that he wanted to see more narrative in my posts as to why I like the music about which I blog. Good point, but after a long day I just want to point and say "cool" and get lost in the sounds. But just this once, because of his request, I'll violate my rule and say why I like it: it's good.

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Below are samples from Dedication. If you like Dedication, you will like Nothing. These aren't really the best songs on the albums but it's all I can really find for this post. Hopefully you have one of the streaming services and can give it a solid listen.

Zomby-Dedication by bmrelyea