Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Few Missed Albums from Early 2011

Jessie J

She was picked by BBC as a hot artists to watch for 2011, but her debut album Who Are You fared dismally with the critics. The dis was not deserved, and more than 2.7 million Facebook users apparently agree. Jessie J dispels (again) the myth I'm not into pop.

Who You Are on MOG
Who You Are on Rdio
Who You Are on Spotify


Gorillaz, The Fall

Music created entirely by animated characters.

The Fall on MOG
The Fall on Rdio
The Fall on Soptify

Crystal Stilts, In Love With Oblivion

Post-punk, psychedelic, you know the score.

In Love With Oblivion on MOG
In Love With Oblivion  on Rdio
In Love With Oblivion on Spotify

01 - Crystal Stilts - Sycamore Tree by zantoxx

Gregg Allman, Low Country Blues

Everybody knows who he is.

Low Country Blues on MOG
Low Country Blues on Spotify 
Low Country Blues on Rdio

Omar Rodriguez Lopez, Telesterion Tennis, Cape Dory

Cape Dory on MOG
Tennis on Spotify 
 Cape Dory on Rdio