Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mogwai Issues an EP Called Earth Division

We love Glasgow -- urbane, beautiful, sophisticated. When we fantasize about retiring to the old countries, Glasgow is at the top of the list. Mogwai is from Glasgow, and they make cutting edge music of the highest caliber. When I blog about them I try and use a vacation picture from their hometown. I can taste the Tennent, and can recall Glasgow's run at the EUFA Cup, which we had to watch in an Edinburgh pub due to our itinerary, but one of the memorable nights of all time. Don't get me started about the international cuisine. So Mogwai always has a special place for me, due to musicology and geography, and the peace that crosses oceans for human interactions. This EP of four short tunes is of the group's usual quality and worthy of the effort to find it. More subtle than their usual fare, I love it.