Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lloyd Holds the "King of Hearts"

 BE WARNED: Explicit lyrics. I guess I should say that since my mother is a follower of this blog. There's a clean version of this album -- called King of Hearts, by Lloyd --  available as well, but the sampler below is not it. When I listened to it on MOG I instinctively went for the explicit one, because it represents the artist's true vision, but got intrigued as to how they would clean up some of the songs. My wife, who is hip as they come but not inclined to like barrages of gutter talk, likes the clean version.

Oh bother, I've already gotten off track. This is premium quality contemporary R&B with the perfect infusion of rap, melody, and samples, always serious but never taking itself too much so. Lloyd is huge, so a 'like' by the blog should make mainstream news: Unknown Blogger Likes Famous Singer.

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HERE's THE SAMPLER, minute and a half on each tune:
Lloyd - King Of Hearts by Interscope Records

The first one is the explicit version: