Monday, March 14, 2011

The Chemical Brothers Score One for Hanna

Let's hope I like the movie but I'm going for the soundtrack. The Chemical Brothers are top tier, and a movie score is the perfect stage for their stadium-size electronics.  To change topics, one thing I love about MOG and,  is the radio button. Look around this blog and you'll see the buttons that lead to those buttons on MOG. Tonight, after being inspired by previews from the movie Hanna, I put MOG on Chemical Brothers radio. Playing the radio of artists or friends whose music or taste you trust is a great way to hear music for the first time with a high probability it will be something you like. Last night Massive Attack radio gave me great results.  I just switched to the radio for Miles of Trane on Man, that dude is so mellow.

Container Park by The Chemical Brothers by Hannamovie