Thursday, January 13, 2011

Is "Red Barked Tree" by Wire a Dream?

Wire has been around since the dawn of earth, 1976. Remember looking for bicentennial quarters then getting bored when we realized they were worth two bits? Remember my '70 Mustang? Remember Wire? I don't even though their art punk sound of the time is considered influential. Surely O%Barr was all over this. There have been reunions, reinventions, redirections, re- re- re-. And now a decent album. To do a proper background I'd have to hear more than 2 dozen albums, and I don't have the time. O#Barr should have been doing this all week since he was iced in.  The Independent and Pitchfork both hover it in the 80th percentile. Maybe that's enough.

Red Barked Tree | No Ripcord - Independent Music & Film Magazine


Album Reviews: Wire: Red Barked Tree

Here's three tunes off the release: