Sunday, June 6, 2010

EP Note - Junip: Rope and Summit

Jose Gonzalez does not lack courage, having covered no less than Bruce Springsteen, Massive Attack, and Joy Division, among others. He also has the talent to back up his bravado, and his original material, voice, and guitar skills are plenty strong to avoid being labeled a cover artist. Now, as part of the band Junip, Gonzalez's strengths are magnified as he does not have to carry the full load, and in that new freedom his talent is released to do good to the world. Since the Junip EP is free (see link below) there's no reason to take anyone's word for it.

Pitchfork: Jose Gonzalez Revives His Band Junip

Here is Gonzalez's cover of Massive Attack's Teardrop, which fans of TV's House will recognize instantly. O/Barr might say 'why listen to this when you can listen to Massive Attack?' -- but I believe this version is an addition with merit -- after all we still have the original. I'm not as sold on his cover of Love Will Tear Us Apart which appears on the EP "Remain."

The EP is offered FREE HERE but I don't know how long that will be the case, so here is the Amazon link as well -- also the link to Gonzalez's solo album called "In Our Nature" -- on which Teardrop is one of many excellent tunes: