Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Album Note - Tame Impala: Innerspeaker

Tame Impala is faithful to the golden age of psychedelic pop and its latter day decedents, surely having deconstructed and reverse engineered John Lennon's Beatles songwriting and harmonics, and then moved on to studying The Doors, Steppenwolf, Pink Floyd, The Mamas and the Papas, maybe some Yes, a few Roxy Music beats -- you get it. All bands have influences and Tame Impala wears theirs on their sleeve, comfortable in the knowledge that good music is timeless. But it's all a contribution that is well done and original. It's not my first choice on the genre list as my tastes have moved into different realms, but if it's your bag then these are some sounds you can dig. (How did I resist saying groovy?)

Pitchfork: Album Reviews: Tame Impala: Innerspeaker 8.5/10.0 (Best New Music designation)

Bio of the group: allmusic ((( Tame Impala > Overview )))

Available on iTunes or as an import from Amazon.