Monday, May 10, 2010

Handcrafted internet radio - 8tracks struggles to survive

Handcrafted internet radio | 8tracks

I've not posted a mix lately but I still love this site. Based on the email account holders received today, 8tracks is having problems figuring out how to turn traffic into cash. Common refrain these days. Here's the message:


Next week, we'll introduce early versions of the 2 ways in which
we plan to generate revenues so can sustain 8tracks as a business.


We'll start running 1 ad in the right sidebar on navigation pages
(home, browse, search) and mixpages. The size and positioning
will be similar to that of our "internal" ads (e.g. T-shirt sales).

8tracks is working with 2 ad networks (Spin and IndieClick) to
ensure the ads you see are high quality (no jiggling animation)
and generally relevant (brands and bands).

We're also experimenting with unique custom campaigns and
sponsorship concepts. In July, for example, we're introducing
our first installment of a monthly, themed mix competition.


8tracks+ is our premium service for DJs and listeners. To keep
things simple, we've just 1 package and 1 price: $25 gives you
6 months of access to premium features for listeners *and* DJs.

At the outset, however, 8tracks+ will offer 1 benefit, which is
ad-free listening. This summer, we'll roll out the cool stuff
for DJs: profile customization, mix analytics & unlimited uploads.

We wanted to let you know about these introductions in advance.
And, as always, we welcome your feedback in making 8tracks great!