Sunday, May 23, 2010

Blog's First Anniversary Goes Unnoticed by the Blog

I only today realized the blog just passed the one year mark. It started with this post May 10, 2009, and had no focus or direction, being a simple experiment in catching the blog craze that came and went half a decade earlier, an outlet for meanderings about my music idols John Coltrane and Miles Davis. But that isn't really the stuff blogs are made of, and it soon phased into inactive status for many months. Now, while the blog perhaps remains without direction, it has gained a little more purpose of  sorts as stated in the current header. (Unstated is that what goes into the posts is mainly a function of my mood, but isn't that an understood characteristic of any blog?) At its most utilitarian it is simply a motivator for me to keep up with all the great music being made today. While jazz is no longer its main focus, Miles and Coltrane maintain their status in the masthead  because, though I'm more likely to listen to rock than jazz, no single artist of any idiom rises above the heroes for whom the blog is named. In my mind there's rock, there's jazz, there's Miles and Coltrane, and there's everything else. But not in that order.