Saturday, May 1, 2010

Album Note - Prins Thomas: Prins Thomas

MILES OF TRANE: YES. Over the years I've grown increasingly fond of instrumental music, probably evolving from my love for jazz that began some 12 or so years ago. Prins Thomas is not jazz, but his instrumental Scandinavian beat music is complete without voices, just as a hard bop jazz album would be. This cosmic, electronic, space disco dance music is not your Bee Gees laser light show and at no time do you expect vocals to break in. Prins sports an open collar in the album's cover shot but I get the feeling he's never worn a leisure suit and is not actually dancing, and doesn't care if we do. He just wants to make the music you could either dance to or sit and contemplate, at you choice, at your leisure, open collar or t-shirt. Good stuff.

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