Monday, May 17, 2010

Album Note - Mellisa Etheridge: Fearless Love

MILES OF TRANE: NO. I gave her a solid chance because she's Mellisa Etheridge, who has made some great music and will always be welcomed to dinner. Her voice is as strong as ever and her guitar picking still solid. But her song-writing skills are in the tank and the overproduction only magnifies the weak output.  This album is so boring, so plain, so dull. If it had been a lesser talent I would have given up before I had the energy to write about it, but I've wasted time giving it a chance that I'll never get back, and I was bored the whole time. Now I know what Susan feel like when when she has to put up with the stuff I like -- thank goodness for headphones, eh? She says she's not bored by Fearless Love but she does agree it deserves a pan. Next.

Fearless Love reviews at 60/100 (mixed or average reviews) (MILES OF TRANE: Generous).