Friday, April 16, 2010

The Tallest Man on Earth: The Wild Hunt

One listen and you know to whom the comparison will be. The Pitchfork review gives you the clue in case you miss it, which you won't if you hear it.

Wild Hunt reviews at 82/100 ("Universal Acclaim")

As a reminder, the following embedded link is to this album's link on Lala, with whom I am not affiliated. The reason I love Lala is that with a free account you get one free full-length listen to any song or album in their repertory, after that just the usual 30-second snippets. No spam, no hassle, just a new model for delivering music at as little as 9 cents per song for unlimited streaming for life, 89 cents to download mp3s (and if you bought the steaming option first, credit for that payment on your download cost). I still support my local independent record store, but consumers have to look at all options, and hopefully will buy from a variety of sources so they all stay viable. The easy way to listen to Lala links on this site is to first log on to your Lala account in a separate tab and then play the embedded link here.