Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Album Note -- Liars: Sisterworld

Pitchfork: Album Reviews: Liars: Sisterworld 8.1/10.0
Sisterworld reviews at 83/100

MILES OF TRANE REVIEW: MAYBE. I can't agree with the universal acclaim this release is receiving. It almost reaches out to me but, if it does manage to extend a hand it ultimately fails to draw me in. I think PopMatters said it well: "A listener might reach the end of Sisterworld and wonder what, exactly, was the point of visiting this imaginary space. Although it is excellently performed, recorded and mixed, this is definitely not an album that could be recommended for its escapist value." I wanted escape tonight and Liars failed to deliver. It may be my expectations were not aligned with the stars, but the heavens should know what I want, shouldn't they? Is it me? Read the full PopMatters review at Liars: Sisterworld < Reviews | PopMatters then decide for yourself with a listen at Lala's one off free listen with free sign up.

 It's of course available for download or 'rental' on Lala, or also can be downloaded at Oz's collaborative website -- so if you like it consider supporting these great independents record stores. If I've done this right you can listen here as well.