Friday, March 19, 2010

Album Note -- Free Energy = Stuck on Nothing

MILES OF TRANE RATING: NO. It's getting raves with an impressive 8.1 at Pitchfork, but I'm not feeling it. Maybe I'm more old-fashioned than I realize and am content to look to the 70's for my 70's album oriented rock -- if I happen to be in that mood. That's not likely in the first place, so maybe the problem is a disconnect of style preference because the truth is I like the way music in general has evolved. Yes, Free Energy has moved the sound forward, and it's catchy enough, sort of, and very well performed, but my depth readings show it's in danger of running ashore. The song Dark Trance might be worth downloading to refute my conclusions,  and there are several occasions when you think "if they just played rock guitar instrumentals I might be convinced," but good luck with the rest of it. I don't expect the meaning of life to be revealed on every CD but I'd like a few of the bigger questions to be asked. There's not a need for always-probing lyrics but there is a need for deep, moving sounds, which I'm not getting here. At least not often enough.
Pitchfork: Album Reviews: Free Energy: Stuck on Nothing 8.1/10.0
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As usual, the best review you can get is a listen, so try it yourself.

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ADDENDUM: Named by Rolling Stone as Best New Power Pop band of 2010. I stand by my assessment.