Thursday, May 21, 2009


The Dizzy Gillespie and His Orchestra Sessions of January 9, 1950, with John Coltrane again sharing alto duties, produced four songs that contributed several original issues to the Coltrane discography. The song “Coast-to-Coast” was released on an original 78, listed variously as Capitol 852, 15852, or 57-852. (It was also originally released on an EP, Capitol H 326). “Carambola” was originally issued on Capitol 611 (or 57-611)(and EP, Capitol H 235), then the same take was recycled to backup the original issue of the song “Honeysuckle Rose” on Capitol 892 (pictured, and last issued of the bunch). This was the only 78 from the session without a simultaneously released original issue 10-inch EP that played at 33 1/3 rpm. In the mean time “Oo-La-La” had been released on Capitol 849 (57-849, EP Capitol H 325). I'm having difficulty confirming the flip sides of all but 892.

The recordings were made at Capitol Studios in NYC. The band had just closed out 1949 touring Kentucky, St. Louis, Chicago, and a gig spanning Christmas at Harlem's Apollo. Coltrane stayed with Gillespie into 1951, including about four dates with the Charlie Parker-Dizzy Gillespie group. Unfortunately no recordings are known of this brief combo containing of two of the greatest saxophone players in bop, one already a giant – made so by his sheer genius and despite a lack of discipline – the other about to rise rapidly even if a little later than less shy geniuses, by single-minded dedication and practicing 14 hours a day. Coltrane also had a few detours and recording sessions with others as will be noted in the future.

Complete Recordings With Dizzy Gillespie